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At Prosperous Plumber, we are certified Email Marketing Specialists. Let us handle your email marketing, you have better things to do.

Why Choose Us?

Why Should You Allow Prosperous Plumber to Create and Send Nurturing Emails to your Clients and Prospects?

Retention is the new acquisition. We realize you don't have a lot of time to reach out and nurture relationships. We can help.

Here are few of the tactical things we do to nurture relationships and reach out to your clients and prospects.

Email is an excellent way to stay in front of your prospects and customers.

1.) We will send indoctrination emails to welcome new clients and prospects.

When you add someone to your email list or they opt in on your website, there should be an (automated, but personal) “welcome” message that begins to build and nurture the relationship with you. We make sure your new subscriber feels welcome and appreciated. This is called "indoctrination." It gives them a chance to get to know you, like you, and trust you. This doesn’t take place in one email. Instead, we spread them out over a few weeks and each email builds upon the other. We will segment your clients from your prospects and write to them accordingly.

2.) We continue to send informative, value-packed emails each month to your prospects and customers.

On an ongoing basis, we will send out value-driven emails that continue to build that relationship with you. This is called "nurturing." Unlike most businesses, we are not sending out generic "plumbing tips," we are sending out heartfelt, value-driven emails that are customized and personalized to them specifically and their needs. The emails will "nurture" and grow your relationship with your subscriber.


  1. Powerful way to create and build new relationships

  2. Stay top of mind with prospects and customers

  3. Significantly increase new client referrals

  4. Longer client retention

  5. A great way to be known as the leading plumber/HVAC company in your market

  6. Produce qualified inbounds leads

  7. Perfect way to ask for and receive valuable feedback

Your Easy, No Obligation, Due Diligence Process to Work With Prosperous Contractor

How it works

First Step


Strategy Session

1-hour meeting with a client success manager to go over your entire online marketing footprint.

Second Step


Marketing Roadmap

This is where we reverse engineer your top competitors and find their strengths and give you a strategic marketing path on exactly how to beat them.

Third Step



If we both decide that we are a fit for a great partnership, we will send over a detailed agreement that will spell out all the deliverables in a simple, easy to understand proposal. Absolutely no hidden fees, vague promises, or industry jargon that can't be tracked.

Office: 180 E. Burgess Rd. Suite D Pensacola, FL 32503

(850) 903-5115

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